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Sarah's Great Day: Sarah's Great Day Featured on Indy Style!

Thanks to our new sponsor, Noble of Indiana, Sarah's Great Day was recently featured on Indy Style, a very popular lifestyle television show here in Indianapolis. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase Sarah's cooking show and to celebrate the lighter side of disabilities.

Sarah did a great job (Watch for yourself!) but Mom was a little nervous as the show was LIVE. No retakes, no editing. Thank goodness Sarah lightened the mood by getting guest host, Tracy Forner, to dance.

And if I can add a little housekeeping news. We recently developed a new website, SarahsGreatDay.com, to make it a little easier to find the show. We had heard one too many times, "What is United Media Now?" If you subscribed to UnitedMediaNow.com, we would love to have you subscribe to our new website. Just click here!

Again, we want to thank you for your support and ask that you keep those emails, pictures and comments coming. It is really important that the show meet the desires of our viewers!

Have a Great Day!

Sarah & Val Sarah's Great Day on Indy Style

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