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Sarah's Great Day: Episode 3, Season 1: Meatball Subs Appetizer

Welcome back! It is the first episode of our third season and we are excited to be filming again.

Today, we are making Meatball Sub Appetizers. They are so yummy and really fun to make but take some good hand eye skills which is a great opportunity for your loved one with limited fine motor skills. We also work on sequencing, crossing midline and you can add some math in there with counting.

Finally, it is with great sadness that we lost our biggest fan this weekend. My sister-in-law and Sarah's Aunt Julie, passed away. Truly, there was no one who cheered us on more and the only good thing about all of this is that we now have someone rooting for us in heaven. We will miss her dearly.

With that, enjoy. You too, Aunt Julie!

Love you all....Sarah and Valerie Meatball Subs Appetizer

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